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Rachel Carter

Rachel Carter

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    ​I am a recovering perfectionist and Unpolished Jewelry is my personal objection to the expectations of flawlessness we encounter every day.

    I guess for some, jewelry should be fancy. That is not my intention. I create one-off pieces with a bad-ass tarnished ethos that sharply deviates from jewelry's traditional notions of refinement and class. I often select stones that would be rejected for their imperfections, and I use patina and creative texture techniques to represent the “uglies" we spend so much precious time and energy polishing, photoshopping or hiding away. 

    I create jewelry that examines the possibility of being captivated by our unique flaws and the ways worth and lovability coexists with imperfections…in jewelry, in life and in ourselves.​

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