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Pam Sturm

Pam Sturm

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Ceramics


    As a ceramic artist, it is my intent to combine curvaceous, visually supple silhouettes with surface treatments, designs and glaze combinations. The evolution of the forms, textures and patterns in my work has origin in my love of art, nature and textiles. Keeping all stages of my process fluid helps to limit replication and inspires me to create more spontaneously, while growing artistically. My creativity thrives on the new possibilities that each decision in the process allows. A genuine love of clay and ongoing experimentation informs my work and gives me the opportunity to continue evolving as an artist.

    My focus in ceramics is wheel thrown, electric fired stoneware and gas fired raku and saggar. Creating elegant forms with purposeful detail and refinement, allows all my work to be at home in any setting. Whether a pitcher, a serving bowl, a vessel or something more sculptural in nature, I create each piece with the intention to be held, displayed and visually enjoyed. The gracefulness of the forms, combined with evolving patterns and glaze combinations has a freshness, giving each piece the ability to stand on its own. Creatively, it is an honor to make art that will be selected and welcomed into someone's home and life.

    I live in Simpsonville, Kentucky with my husband, Greg and our goldendoodle, Trixie. I work out of my home studio and gallery, where I have occasional shows, as well as attending juried art shows in the area.​

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    • Business Name :

      Pam Sturm Pottery

    • Contact Information :

      36 Timberwood Drive, Simpsonville, KY 40067

    • 973-886-1072