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Earl C. James

Earl C. James

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    ​​​Earl C. James is a lifelong resident of Lexington and a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University.  His love of photography began when he would take photos of his son playing sports with a point-and-shot camera. Thinking he needed a better camera to capture the fast-paced action, he purchased his first DSLR camera, only to realize he did not know how to use one. After many classes, workshops, conversations with other photographers, and a lot of shutter clicks he has a better understanding of the camera. 

    Earl is a photographer who enjoys sharing his love of photos with his family and friends. He has a passion for capturing the beauty that surrounds us all. He is still exploring the many different subject areas of photography but has discovered that birds, horses and landscapes are the areas that he enjoys the most. Photography allows Earl to get away from his day job and gives him a chance to relax and enjoy his surroundings.  ​​

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    Earl C. James Photo
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      Earl C. James Photography

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      285 Valley Brooke Drive Lexington, KY 40511

    • 859-221-3794
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