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Diana Dinicola

Diana Dinicola

Performing Artist
  • Dance
  • Number of Performers: 2-11
  • Fee Range: negotiable
  • Available for Block Booking


​Diana Dinicola, in association with Flamenco Louisville, creates exciting, authentic performances of flamenco that are scalable for any venue or budget. Drawing on extensive travel and study in the cradle of flamenco in Andaluci­a, Spain, performances are crafted to showcase the intricate and impactful coordination of music, singing and dance that has inspired travelers and artists for centuries.

A typical performance includes dance in full traditional costume accompanied by live singing and guitar/percussion. A variety of pieces are performed to demonstrate the full range of expression available through flamenco's exuberant joy, anger and sadness. A flamenco performance will take the audience on an emotional journey while dazzling the eye and the ear.

A variety of formats are available including:

Los Dos, a two-person team with Diana performing both dance and singing accompanied by husband Paul T. Carney on guitar. Appropriate for small venues and events where space and budget are constrained.

El Cuadro, a five-person team consisting of two dancers, a guitarist, a percussionist and a singer.

La Compania, the full professional company of Flamenco Louisville including a guitarist, percussionist, singer and six dancers. A good choice for special events and festivals like Louisville's WorldFest or New Albany, Ind.'s Harvest Homecoming where La Compania has performed many consecutive years.

La Esencia del Flamenco, Flamenco Louisville's full theatrical stage show performed by La Compania. Also available with nationally and internationally affiliated guest artists. This production has toured in Tennessee and Kentucky at presenting theaters and universities.

Auxiliary activities are available to tie the performance more closely to your community. As a part of the Kentucky Arts Council's Teaching Artist Directory, Diana can provide assembly programs, workshops and residencies for the local school system. In addition, workshops for the general public in flamenco dance are available along with the multi-media lecture/demonstration, Travels Through the Cradle of Flamenco. This is a 45 - 90 minute program suitable for academic environments, public libraries or community groups that wish to learn more about Spanish history and culture.

Flamenco is a system of singing, music and dance with roots going back over 500 years to Moorish Spain. Primarily a folk form until the 19th century, it was preserved and developed by Gitano families living in oppression on the fringes of society. Emerging into the cafes and later the theaters of Spain, it became a commercial art form with a structure around which artists could improvise and create in collaboration, much like American Jazz music. Today, flamenco is an expressive, passionate art that moves audiences in small venues and large theatres. Flamenco Puro is the most authentic, traditional style of presentation and the most difficult to find outside the cafes and theatres of Spain.

Minimal Technical Requirements

Minimum stage size: 16 feet x 12 feet
Lighting: general wash
Sound: three microphones, two stage monitors
Other: wooden floor, two armless chairs
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