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Yolanda Kennison

Yolanda Kennison

Kentucky Crafted Artist Archive
  • Painting


    ​​​​Yolanda Kennison is a contemporary painter who enjoys creating abstracts, landscapes and florals in an expressionistic style. Inspired by nature, music and her imagination she often combines soft, faint, gentle colors with strong, vibrant, bold colors to create a mood, revive a memory, renew our senses, and promote hope, healing and joy. Self-described as a recovering perfectionist, her art embraces the imperfect and dares the viewer to think differently for a moment.

    Using oil or acrylic paint, the surface receives texture, dimension and color in multiple layers. She uses a combination of brushes, palette knives and mark-making tools to blend colors or create an energetic moment on the canvas. Colors and texture in Yolanda's paintings add the sparkle, the fragrance, the tranquility, the mystery and the memories to bond our minds with our emotions. A robust mark, a surprise of color, a unique texture or a flawed edge are all conversation starters in her paintings that lead the viewer to a new and joyful experience.​​

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