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Katherine Bennett

Katherine Bennett

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    ​​My uncommon creative perspective is informed by my unconventional and often informal path to jewelry design and fabrication. Striving to invent uniquely singular pieces, I enjoy integrating unusual materials and found objects into my art pieces. My jewelry ranges from classic minimalist lines to vibrant and striking wearable art objects. I love growing and challenging myself as an artist by reaching out of my comfort zone to work with new materials and techniques.

    Many of my pieces incorporate found objects. Because I draw inspiration from finding an unusual material and transforming it into a beautiful new work of art, I work with a variety of materials ranging from metals, resin, wood, gemstones, clay and more. I wanted to emphasize subtle hidden meanings when I began incorporating spent bullet casings into some of my jewelry designs. I found it essential and very natural to use my art to subvert their political and ideological power as weapons. For instance, this is the basis for my Ordnance Series where I attempt to portray feelings of imprisonment, desperate efforts to escape and the damage inflicted by those attempts. My Bifurcate Line is an expansion on this idea. It reflects modern minimalism and illustrates how we are all connected. Created from a found object, both pieces started as one item, now divided, to form their own unique beauty. This line emphasizes elegant simplicity with a sharp modern twist.

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