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Terri Sierra

Terri Sierra

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Painting


    ​​​​​My name is Terri Sierra and I create art that is bold and exciting. I am on an art adventure, exploring and experimenting with acrylics, inks, watercolors, drawing mediums, glass, digital design and photography.

    It was a natural progression of this adventure to create the Creative Eyedias Collaborative, a space where artists can work together. My husband and I are the artist owners and have our studios and a gallery of our work in beautiful, serene Westport, Kentucky.

    I have been creating my entire life, concentrating as a hobbyist on interior design and functional art. I have discovered a latent talent in 2D visual art in the last few years and have been pursuing that with joy and passion. 

    Inspired by the colorful, multilayered paintings of Gerhard Richter, I call my style of painting Abstract Retrospective. Each layer builds upon the previous layer as time, moments and memories build a life. The top layer is the present, with accidental optical incidents into pockets of the past revealed under layers. We are not only the person in the present, but our past experiences make us who we are. Everything we look at has become what it is through the past molding and shaping it into what we see today. Look deep into my art and you may see hidden pieces of the past within the layers and how they work together to make a beautiful present.

    I also enjoy making whimsical multimedia and digital art that is fun to look at and fun to make!  You can find these designs as prints, and on home, bath and textile products.

    Many works are available as originals and a variety of print sizes, as well as indoor and outdoor murals.

    My hope is that people find meaning and joy in my artwork and love having it in their space.

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