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Kentucky Crafted Artist Archive
  • Mixed Media 2-D


    ​​​​My work is a bridge over colored water.

    Freedom is often equated with movement. If one is free, it is supposed they may move freely, unhindered by restriction. But what about when there is no possible option to move, can there be freedom? I believe so.

    These moments, where movement seems impossible but freedom still breathes, are the ones I love, the stories I feel called to tell. From the extreme to the mundane, my work finds, unearths and illuminates these moments. With a focus on the ideals, emotions and life experiences of people of color, I capture candid stories that unveil truths, break down stigmas and focus on the strength rooted in Black culture.

    Practically, I combine fabric, charcoal, wood and paint with digital illustration and photography to create both two- and three-dimensional works. Drawing on my longtime experience as a professional dancer and educator, I have found a new way to express movement. By using household objects, vibrant colors, tantalizing textures, and dynamic symbols, I can direct the viewer's eye in a choreographed exploration of the narrative. In this way, I bring movement to the still moments and share the story of freedom. Who doesn't love a good story?

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