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Sebastian Duverge

Sebastian Duverge

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Painting


    ​​Sebastian is a young adult (28 years old) born in Queens, New York and who has lived in Louisville, Kentucky since he was a child. His parents are immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Sebastian doesn't communicate as much with words due to how autism affects him. Instead, he does a great deal of communication through art. Sebastian has created art from a young age, his mother is a creative person and Sebastian was always encouraged to draw and paint. His amazing abilities in art were identified by his middle school's art teacher and he continued his art education in a high school art program and community college.

    When preparing for his career goals in high school, he and his mother were not inclined to look for some typical job. Sebastian's art improved every year and the idea that he could sell his art helped the family decide that being self-employed as an artist was the way to go.

    Now, several years later, Sebastian has his own art business, registered with the city and state. He has a website - - where people can purchase his original art as well as prints of the originals. He has a social media presence and makes weekly posts updating his followers with news and images of his beautiful, colorful art. Sebastian has taken part in several prestigious art shows, and festivals and his art has traveled the state of Kentucky.

    Sebastian has a studio at Louisville's acclaimed Art Sanctuary, and he has made connections with fellow artists there and elsewhere in Louisville. As of 2021, Sebastian's art has been juried and he is now a Kentucky Crafted program artist!

    For the last four years, Sebastian has been experimenting with mosaics created using tiles made using watercolor paper colored with watercolor paint. He likes the texture the watercolor paint brings these tiles of paper. And when he glues the tiles down to black cardstock, the glue is water-based which also blends and textures the colors already present on the tiles.

    ​Further, in the last year, Sebastian has recycled old watercolor paintings of his that he didn't like, using those pieces of paper to create tiles that have patterns on them. And so, his tiles which are already textured thanks to the watercolor, are further textured by the presence of these recycled patterned tiles.

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