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Larry Smith

Larry Smith

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    The smell of the doctor's office as I grabbed every National Geographic magazine and stacked them on my lap so each wonderfully colored picture could be inspected is one of the earliest memories I have of my love for great photography. That memory has driven me through the last three decades in my photographic journey. Early on I had the opportunity to hone my skills and technique in Asia and Europe using film. Learning from those years of film photography and film development has been absolutely invaluable to me as an artist. Those early film camera years are behind me now and the digital age has taken over, but that is just a change in tools not my photographs. Manipulating the camera to capture what the eye sees in this beautiful world is a monumental task and an undertaking I embrace. Capturing a hot air balloons glow after dark or freezing a hummingbird's wings at first light are two examples of how varied and expansive my portfolio is. My images run the gamut from bright sunlit landscapes to late-night street photography and more.

    Recently, the Kentucky Department of Tourism chose a nighttime event photo of mine to be featured on their website and the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Division chose one of my works to be featured in their 2022 KFWD calendar. Both great honors. Several respected organizations have featured my images on social media sites, two of which include Best of the Bluegrass State and the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Division. Spectrum television featured works of mine several times also.

    I'm a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force and an Honorable Kentucky Colonel. Both of which I hold in high esteem. Both helped mold me and subsequently my photography.

    My immense portfolio gives everyone their choice of a professional digital image or images for print or other applications such as web-based sites in the size and resolution they want. The overall simplicity of my work transfers well to individuals and corporations alike. Thousands of hours in the field and many more thousands post processing will serve lovers of great photography well. You'll be amazed at the photographs I have to offer and your connection to them. A numbered and signed print of a spectacular scene of your choice is here.​

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