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Stephen Wiggins

Stephen Wiggins

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Graphics


    ​​I am a printmaker who focuses on linocut and silkscreen printing. I love the process of working by hand to create unique artwork and then continuing the creation process by working through all the steps of creating multiples. I take a very detailed approach to the marks I make on my printmaking plates. With my linocuts I draw and carve the image with an iterative, repetitive process that ensures that I have the exact design I want. After carving the block, I ink it using a brayer and then either print it by hand or with an etching press. With my linocuts I make sure the plate is very detailed and that the print reflects the precision of that detail. 

    With silkscreen I let the color and layering possible with the medium take over. I draw my plates by hand and then expose them on a screen with a bright light.  After washing out and prepping the screen for printing, I apply ink to the screen and press it through onto paper with a squeegee. I enjoy mixing inks for custom fades, layering colors to add depth and complexity to the images, and playing with the four-color process.

    My work is very precise and technical but also expressive. The inspiration behind my work comes from comedians, animals, puns and word-play, the world around me and my commentary on what is going on in society. Inspiration also comes from the Bible, my relationship with Jesus and the desire to make people laugh and to think. I want to connect with the viewer in a way that allows them to respect the work but also find it accessible and enjoyable. You laugh at the dad jokes and puns and word play and then appreciate the attention to detail with it as well. The essence of printmaking is that it is democratic; it is affordable to anyone who appreciates it. My goal is to make my prints and the art and practice of printmaking affordable and accessible to anyone.  ​


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