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George Halitzka

George Halitzka

Arts Education Artist
  • Theatre



    Potential Residency Project

    US vs. THEM
    A Perspective-Taking Artist Residency for Grades 7-12
    Republicans and Democrats bash each other in public. Communities wrestle with issues of race and equity. Kids see the smallest differences between their peers as excuses to mock them. Nobody seems to care about the other person's perspective—or even their humanity—as our culture faces a pandemic of misunderstanding and disrespect.

    But what if we made an honest effort to listen to the distinct viewpoints and experiences of the people around us, from the guy in the MAGA hat to the kid with the learning difference? This artist residency empowers students to walk in the shoes of people who are different from them using the toolbox of theatre, including the tools of improvisation, role-playing, public speaking, character creation, storytelling, and playwriting.

    An ideal residency will last for 10 class sessions of 50 minutes each, with shorter versions also possible. The first session focuses on self-understanding and introduces some of the dramatic tools that will be used throughout the workshop. The next four sessions build understanding for people whose appearance, beliefs and opinions, or culture lies outside of the mainstream. The last five sessions will guide students through the process of writing a dramatic monologue from the perspective of a person different from themselves.

    An Artist Residency for Grades 6-12 that Empowers Students to Perform Without a Script

    In this free-flowing, hands-on series of workshops, your students will learn to play hilarious improv games as they gain an important new skill. Comedy Improv is a lot of fun, but it also helps student actors develop collaboration skills, spontaneity, confidence, and stage presence.

    A residency can last anywhere from two to 15 hourlong sessions. Generally, the first few sessions are devoted to practicing core skills like “Yes, And," Storytelling, and C.R.O.W. (Character/ Relationship/ Objective/ Where). The latter sessions add to the fun by teaching students improv games that can be performed in front of an audience, like “World's Worst," “What I Should Have Said," and “Blind Date."


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