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Gale Force Dance

Gale Force Dance

Performing Artist
  • Dance
  • Number of Performers: 1-14
  • Available for Block Booking


​​​​​​​Gale Force Dance brings the beauty and joy of dance to audiences of all ages! 

Gale Force Dance (GFD) is an eclectic group of artists with a surprising range of ages, body types, and specialties – with so many different kinds of human beings represented on stage, all audiences can relate to and appreciate the emotional quality of GFD performances. 

The GFD repertoire includes a range of pieces from playful to powerful to provocative, all performed to well-loved songs. With love, personal empowerment, respect, community, and celebration as common themes, Gale Force Dance shows are a pleasure to watch. They capture your attention with a variety of genres such as contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz, tap, ballroom, and circus arts, melded into a cohesive spirit that carries an uplifting message. 

GFD offers full-length presentations of romance-themed Beautiful Bodies, exuberant Happy Dance, and the Christmas classic The Nutcracker. Alternately, solos, duos, or small group pieces can fill short segments of time and small stage areas. The artistically passionate GFD performers also enjoy hosting question-and-answer sessions and master classes. 

Let Gale Force Dance blow you away!​

Minimal Technical Requirements

Stage Dimensions: 10 feet x 5 feet

Audio: Ability to play digital music from CD, iPhone, or USB thumb drive loudly enough for the entire audience and the performers on stage to hear

Lighting: Stage lighting sufficient to see the performers on stage