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Nicole Hollon

Nicole Hollon

Kentucky Crafted Artist
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    ​Nicole makes art that infuses the fabric of past memories with a sense of magic. She carves and prints pieces that tell the story of her own small-town past and of buildings that have fallen into decay. She sees abandoned places as possessing deep history, memories and even supernatural qualities. She carves female figures that are tied to their natural surroundings.

    Nicole's experience comes from a handful of college art classes she took while pursuing a history degree. An introductory printmaking class inspired her, though she didn't begin making art independently for another five years. She slowly began to develop her own style with time, practice and the advice of two helpful artists. Her style developed into pattern-like, illustrative blocks printed over hand-stenciled watercolor in greens, yellows and oranges. She is inspired by children's books, mythology, 19th century prints and patterns, as well as manga, architecture and her college history studies. As she defines and strengthens her style, she strives to tell stories about Appalachia, forgotten industrial cities and everyday people.

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    • Business Name :

      Nefarious Ni

    • Contact Information :

      1202 S. Fort Thomas Ave., #1
      Fort Thomas, KY 41075
      @nefariousni on Instagram

    • 937-241-3328