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Shannon Lewis

Shannon Lewis

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber; Natural/Organic


    ​After being a lifelong resident of Kentucky, graduating from Morehead State University and teaching mathematics more than 30 years, I found a career that could lure me out of the classroom that I loved. Broom making allowed me to explore a side of me left completely unused.

    It is such a thrill to create a broom that evokes that smile, brings forward a laugh or revives a memory for one of my customers. I believe that my brooms should be able to do all this, be displayed as art pieces, and still retain their usefulness as tools.

    Through the use of repurposed objects, and recycled materials to create handles and combining those with natural materials for the sweep of the broom. I create brooms that incorporate elements from history, sports, music, nature and many other interests.

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