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Carin Lovell

Carin Lovell

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Leather; Jewelry


    ​​A graphic designer by trade, Carin had always been mesmerized by antique books with marbled paper covers.

    Several years ago on a trip to Florence, Italy, where utilizing marbled papers in publishing originated, she returned with a beautiful marbled paper print, and upon admiring the craft (and already making leather pearl rings), wondered if one could marble on leather. After searching the internet and finding nothing on marbled leather, she set about experimenting with the process, and was hooked on the magical process. A new unique artistic medium was created, and she obtained a federal trademark for Marbl'd™ Leather.

    She creates unique one-of-a-kind pieces as jewelry (for both men and women), accessories, dog collars, clutches, coasters, phone skins and wallets, and continues to add new products. Her repertoire is not limited to marbled pieces, but includes Italian leather products. Being from Kentucky, there is also an emphasis on equine design in her collection.

    Most of the jewelry components are either sterling silver or Zamak (nickel-free), imported directly from Spain or Greece. She has begun to create her own clasp designs and have them produced in Greece.

    Carin enjoys exposing art enthusiasts to the new art form at shows, and created a video which shows the process of marbling on leather. Many comment on the uniqueness, and are happy to see something they’ve never seen before.

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