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Dorathy Lachman

Dorathy Lachman

Kentucky Crafted Artist Archive
  • Natural/Organic


    ​Would you imagine with me what would happen if the soap we use every day could transform our communities?

    Hi, I’m Dorathy Lachman, the founder of Hyssop Tree.

    I saw a need in our communities that absolutely broke my heart, and I decided to do something about it.

    What I saw was people who were struggling to do the right thing – they were struggling to make good choices in their second chance at life. What they really needed was someone to come alongside them to help them in this journey upward.

    It is my dream that one day our communities will answer with encouragement in the place of judgement, hope instead of fear, and community in the place of isolation.

    So I make soap.

    When you purchase a soap, you’re actually paying for two. You get one, and the other one is given through a local nonprofit organization to someone in need. Together, we all participate in someone's successful journey out of crisis and toward resiliency.

    My soaps are:

    • Rare, true soaps – Most handmade soaps on the market are actually cosmetics, but my soaps are one of the rare, true soaps available.
    • Never made in plastic – Special attention goes into every detail so that your skin is not exposed to hormone-mimicking agents, toxic fragrances, artificial detergents or other unwanted things.
    • Safe for your face and body – Because of a carefully developed formula, all Hyssop Tree soaps are safe for your whole body!
    • Tastefully fragranced – No more migraines from extra-strong smells. Certified organic essential oils also keep the scent authentic.
    • Carefully made – I make every soap to the highest standards I can possibly achieve. It's worth the work when no one is looking because I know every soap is getting us one step closer to an impossible dream.

    Let’s transform our Kentucky communities one soap at a time!

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