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Performing Artist
  • Music: Ensembles and Groups
  • Number of Performers: 4
  • Available for Block Booking


Barrenhart is a four piece string band from Southcentral Kentucky which plays traditional Celtic, old time and bluegrass music as well as their own tunes. Barrenhart is made up of Masako Jeffers on fiddle, Hazel Johnson on mandolin, David Foster on guitar and vocals, and Greg Cutcliff on bass guitar, chanter, bagpipes and vocals.

Barrenhart "expertly blends Celtic and Bluegrass; their album Celticgrass manages to straddle the line between old world and new in a way many attempt and few ever get right. Traditional Irish, Appalachian string band, bluegrass ensemble, any of those are accurate descriptions of the band's sound but no single one completely defines the band; Barrenhart is a genuine (and very successfully accomplished) synthesis of styles"

Marc Michael, Chattanooga Pulse

Minimal Technical Requirements

​Minimum stage size: 8 feet x 16 feet
Sound:  two vocal mics,  two instrument mic,  two DIs 
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