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Pam Hillard

Pam Hillard

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Baskets


    I come from a heritage of craftsmen and women who have lived and loved in Kentucky for generations, so when I make a basket I feel I am sending a little of Kentucky and a lot of love with each basket. Even though most people don’t collect eggs in an egg basket or carry a hen in a hen basket any more, baskets remind us all of a simpler time.

    My mom, Edith Hillard, taught me to make baskets as well as design original patterns. We began making baskets in the 1980s as members of the Craft Marketing Program, using traditional Appalachian style basket patterns mixed with our own unique designs. Though mom has since passed away, the latest designs are still functional while being highly decorative. With many styles and sizes, these baskets are great for a picnic or a trip to the farmer’s market, but can also serve modern uses such as an essential oil holder, electronics catchall or toy basket.

    My baskets are made to be a part of your home and life for years to come. All baskets are made with the highest quality reed and handle materials, then stained to a warm brown with, or without, a touch of color.  If you want a more contemporary look, solid dyed or multicolored strip look great, too!

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