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Justine Riley

Justine Riley

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Mixed Media 3-D; Fiber


    ​Justine Riley makes one-of-a-kind books to fit in the hand, in the backpack, or tuck away in a suitcase or next to a hot cup of coffee. Whether the book will be a travel journal, an artist’s next sketchbook, or a safe place to record benchmarks in a child’s life, having a book that is not only well made but also unique and inspiring adds quality to one’s everyday life.

    The covers of Justine’s books are inspired by her previous experience with quilting. She uses multiple combinations of book cloth and thread. Justine also draws design influence from pottery and the ceramic field at large.

    The blank books that Justine makes are starting points, the start of a conversation and hopefully a relationship. A book is something one lives with, it fits in the hand, it travels with one, it rests on one’s nightstand; it is a useful object. It is also an object that can be filled with personality.

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