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Scott Soeder

Scott Soeder

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Graphics


    ​My work is a product of years spent studying cartoons, comic strips, pop metal music and culture of the 1980s. Creating characters with a bold design and playful attitude that possess the energy of youth, with a hint of irreverence, I use bright colors, simple shapes and clean lines to create my art.

    Elements of music and pop culture are themes often contained in my artwork. I began playing music at an early age and, soon after, musicians, instruments and other musical themes showed up in my drawings. Mixing my love of art and music into projects is something I particularly enjoy. I rely on the tools artists have used for hundreds of years, pencils and paper, as well as the modern digital tools of the last decade, computer software, interactive pens and displays.

    My art influences include Charles Schultz, cartoonist and creator of the Peanuts comic strip, and Chuck Jones, the animation director known for his work at Warner Brothers.

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