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Ray Daugherty

Ray Daugherty

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    ​Have you ever seen something so wonderful it took your breath away, or made your heart beat faster?  The world is full of wonders, and I want to bring those wonders into your life so you can see them and experience them repeatedly. Light, shadows, color and shapes have the power to move my spirit, and when that happens I want to translate that into an image that will also move other people’s spirits.

    My art happens “out there”, but I experience it in my heart. When I sat for days with coastal brown bears in Alaska it was like being in a different world. When one walked within six feet of me I was too overcome by awe to even feel fear—my heart was so full there was no room for anything else. The first time I entered a slot canyon in Arizona, my heart alternately felt like it was going to stop—or beat out of my chest. When I saw humpback whales bubble net feeding I was blown away with the majesty, power and cleverness of it all. Hummingbirds enchant me. And when I stood in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, I cried.

    I take a lot of photographs, but sometimes the photograph takes me. Those images take my heart, take my spirit, and take my breath away. When that happens I want to share the image with others, and if it moves their spirit also, that is what tells me it is not just a photograph—it is something more. Art affects us emotionally.

    My art is photography. My quest is to transmit both beauty and emotion. I like doing the whole process: experiencing the scene, planning the shot, selecting the proper lens and camera body, fine tuning the image, printing on canvas or fine art papers, mounting on acrylic, or printing on metal. I always try to fit the image to a medium that will help convey the story and the emotion in the scene. I like to write about the place, the subject, the location, so others can see “behind the image” and learn more about it. I never add colors or elements that are not there naturally and always use the highest quality materials, so the colors will be true and the image will last a lifetime. My standards are high and I guarantee the work.

    The art is now yours to see, enjoy and — if you wish — bring into your home or office. I hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear from you.

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