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Robert Clark

Robert Clark

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Painting


    As an artist specializing in thoroughbred horses and thoroughbred racing, my objective is to create highly realistic images on canvas of some of the breed’s and the sport’s greatest stars. I do this through the combination of skills developed from my academic background as well as decades of experience working primarily with oil paint. I utilize an old school approach that combines elements from the Renaissance’s Old Masters, the Dutch School headed by Rembrandt, the Royal Academy, the French Impressionists, abstract expressionism and photorealism. Specific historic artistic figures who have influenced my artwork’s evolution have been Rembrandt, Turner, Gericault, Delacroix, Degas and Sargent. Contemporary artists that have impacted my work are Richard Stone Reeves, Jon Houghton, Daniel Greene and Dr. Edward Carlos. The result of this mixture of experience and influence create a high quality fine art. These paintings provide a visual record of current events in the sport of horse racing, while building a legacy of fine art in an equestrian culture rich in tradition.

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