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Sharon Tesser

Sharon Tesser

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber


    I am an artist who believes my images are the embodiment of stories, and I am their author. The creation of these pieces are my tales of romance, mystery, tragedy and documentary. My goal as master storyteller is to draw you, the reader/viewer, into the experience of life’s small moments. As a published illustrator and former art quilter, I see my role in the art world as an innovator. My work is the culmination of a lifetime of creating art in cloth. I developed a process all my own I call “textile mosaic.” Fabric, pattern, texture and design are the vocabulary. I choose not to work with computers or image transfer. All of my pieces are generated as original drawings from my sketchbook. There is something wonderful and completely unique created when the artist's hand creates line. The simplicity and strength of the original drawing is powerful. Using the sketch as a template, scissors and fabric breathe life into the work. Recycled and vintage fabrics are my palette. Deconstructed clothing and formerly loved household fabric, which has already had one life, is now transformed into another. My cloth comes from a variety of sources: vintage, recycled and hand-dyed fabric. I am inspired by the gift of life. My pursuit to capture seemingly inconsequential moments is an attempt to elevate the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Every image I create is a glimpse into the small moments of our collective humanity. Our lives as individuals are messy and complex. We have frayed edges and open seams. We all are a patchwork of experiences in our individual journeys: love, joy, pain and sorrow. My art is the expression of these journeys.

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