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Phourist & the Photons

Phourist & the Photons

Performing Artist
  • Music: Ensembles and Groups
  • Number of Performers: 1-4
  • Fee Range: $500-$650
  • Available for Block Booking


​​​“For me, songs are like a musical exorcism—they come out screaming and I interpret them later on,” says Nick Hill, of the award-winning Louisville, Ky.-based quartet Phourist & the Photons. They are known for their non-linear songcraft which includes winding musical passages and adventurous arrangements flanking undeniable pop-rock hooks. Personnel includes Andrew Critchelow (electric guitar, ambient sounds), Scott Boice (drums, drum machines, ambient sounds), Jailynn Noel (bass, harmony vocals, strings) and Nick Hill (songwriting, vocals, piano, guitar, ambient sounds). 

Minimal Technical Requirements

​Sound: two-three vocal mics, mics on drums and amps, guitar and piano DIs, power outlet