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Deborah Stratford

Deborah Stratford

Kentucky Crafted Artist
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    The beauty and craft of a relief print is the line and shape that an artist can make with a gouge on a flat surface. The art of a print is the way the ink lays on the paper and the lines and shape work together to make an image. I am drawn to this traditional way of printmaking. I love the tactile feeling of the plate — wood and linoleum — and the challenge those surfaces present to creating an image. The surprise, as the image I drew on the plate is revealed in reverse when printed, always inspires me to create new work. Executing a carving style that is flowing and undulating is the result of long hours of practice and experiment. Carving follows drawing directly on the plate. Subject matter flows from life events and reflections. My work has transformed over the last 30 years, but has remained a story, my own view of life around me. It has become my odyssey.

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