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Sarah Spradlin

Sarah Spradlin

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Painting


    Paintings by Sarah Cobb Spradlin capture the imagination as the viewer escapes into the happy environments that are a hybrid of reality and fertile imagination.

    Like watching a drama, each painting is a lively scene populated with people and animals.  An animal lover, Spradlin honors former pets in her artworks. These characters, painted from the artist's imagination, animate a scene which many times utilizes a building or structure found in the central Kentucky region.

    Her nature paintings offer a fresh interpretation of natural subjects. These large paintings crowd a wide variety of animals and plants into an environment that stimulates the viewer and demands closer inspection.

    Spradlin creates art that elevates the everyday activities of human and natural life to canvas and panel. Her work has been described as “joyful, but quirky.”

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