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Amanda Bridges

Amanda Bridges

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Ceramics


    ​My work is a marriage between my love of clay and drawing. I create pottery that is both fun to look at as well as functional. My ultimate objective is for my pottery to increase the joy of the user beyond simply its visual or tactile aspect and become fully integrated into the ritual of sharing food, conversation and life. The pieces become a part of the home, rather than just part of a collection of other pieces in the cupboard, and are reached for naturally in preference over the other pieces. Because of a feeling of connection, the piece is "theirs," rather than simply available.

    My art often incorporates highly embellished surfaces. I have a diverse range of influences, drawing inspiration from nature, textiles and iconography, and I approach my pottery surfaces as blank canvases. I use various decorating techniques to create pieces that are visually interesting.

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