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Lacey Roberts

Lacey Roberts

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber


    It was on a whim one day that I decided to experiment in painting. I bought a set of acrylic paints with some canvas panels and gave it an honest try. Oh, how amazing that felt. My experiments in acrylic slowly grew into a small fine art business, which branched out eventually into 3-D sculptures. I chose needle felting wool as my method to get pieces into a third dimension and was pleasantly addicted to the process.

    Most of my work lands in the whimsical category. I have a particular fondness for the forest, so many of my subjects are of a woodland nature. Currently, I’m pushing myself to create expressions for my creations, since that can sometimes be a difficult task. I revel in the challenge and am continually evolving my style. To create a new piece, I have to study my subject’s skeletal and muscular structure, as well as any fur coat it may have, to build my foundation and assemble my wool accordingly. I then take just the right amount of artistic license to bring them to life with whimsy.

    I hope you enjoy my take on needle felting. It’s something I’ve become passionate about and love to share with others.

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