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Sissy Watson

Sissy Watson

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    As a designer and fabricator of fine metal jewelry, I believe in its transformative power. I believe jewelry should be both artistic and wearable and, when worn, should engage the wearer and the people around them. I allow my designs to come from the raw materials and stones I select, evolving during the actual process of fabrication. For me, this serendipity makes the process more enjoyable, and it is my hope that others feel the same enjoyment as they discover my jewelry.

    My stone settings include fabricated bezels, prongs, rivets (cold connectors), or a combination of these techniques. The metal components are soldered together using the extreme heat of a torch, powered by acetylene gas or a combination of oxygen and propane gases. Pieces may be shaped or textured using a jeweler’s saw, burring tools, drill bits of varying size and purpose, hand files, hammers, bench vice or other tools as necessary. Finishing techniques include burnishing, hand or machine polishing, hand filing, tumbling and other methods, depending on the desired outcome. Although primarily self-taught, I have also enjoyed attending classes to learn traditional metalsmith principles as well as specific jewelry fabrication techniques.

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