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Dave Tucker

Dave Tucker

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Wood


    I have always loved working with wood. At a very early age I learned to use a small assortment of hand tools in my father’s meager handyman shop. Once I was old enough to use power tools, my passion for wood working began. As a self-taught woodworker, I spent years honing my skills, creating a variety of custom cabinetry and furniture.

    It wasn’t until I took a tour of a local landmark distillery that I was inspired by the endless possibilities of the bourbon barrel. The birth of Kentucky Oak Bourbon Barrel Furniture soon followed. The rich heritage of the local distilleries is the driving force behind my unique brand of fine handcrafted bourbon barrel inspired furniture.

    I think of the shape and the anatomy of the barrel and incorporate these elements into my furniture. There is nothing high-tech about it. No computers or fancy programs, I hand sketch rudimentary drawings of my ideas and then get to work. Once the staves are selected, I transform rough cut white oak and metal into functional pieces of art.

    In my opinion, there is only one way to create a fine handcrafted heirloom — one piece at a time. Although this process may be time consuming, it enables me to pay close attention to detail, which ensures the highest standards of quality.

    Kentucky Oak Bourbon Barrel Furniture has only one goal in mind, to produce the finest individually handcrafted bourbon barrel inspired furniture available.

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