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Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy

Architectural Artist
  • Stone


    Creating art is a necessity for stone sculptor Mike McCarthy, providing an avenue to bring his ideas to life. While McCarthy’s subject matter varies, it is influenced by artists such as Michelangelo, Bernini and da Vinci. Whether working figuratively or abstractly, the command of line and form achieved by these artists inspires McCarthy to strive for a similar level of artistry.

    The influence those masters have had on McCarthy also affected his choice of material. After selling his cabinet shop a year ago, where he worked primarily in wood, McCarthy decided to concentrate solely on stone. While he still does some work in wood and steel, his preferred material is stone. He likes the permanence and the weight that stone gives to his work. As so many of the great works were done in stone, it provides continuity to the great works of art history.

    McCarthy’s process also varies little from that used by the great masters. He still uses a hammer and chisels, the difference being that he uses an air-powered hammer. He also does the rough sanding with power. However, much of the final finishing of the surfaces is done with rasps and hand sanding. Even with the monumental scale of some of his work, he still feels the need to make that final touch by hand.

    McCarthy truly enjoys the process of sculpting. He is interested in commissions for both monumental and gallery scale work. He works in limestone, marble, alabaster and soapstone. McCarthy enjoys creating garden sculptures and is honored to have his work included in several amazing gardens. He also enjoys working with clients to design unique outdoor garden rooms.

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