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Chris Plummer

Chris Plummer

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Graphics; Painting


    ​I am an artist living in western Kentucky. My family and I are a part of the small farming community of Niagara, located just south of Henderson, within Henderson County, Ky. I graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 1999, receiving a Bachelors Degree in fine art with an emphasis in printmaking. The main focus of my artwork has been to create woodcut prints with a reoccurring fascination with monoprints. My prints are usually narrative and concerned with the subject of place: finding your place in the world, feeling out of place, exploring the meaning of home and community, etc.

    Woodcut prints are made by carving an image into a plywood board, rolling ink onto the carved board, and printing this image onto a piece of paper. The carved marks on the board become the negative space, and the uncut sections hold the ink, which is impressed onto the paper. I use several methods to create woodcut images including: the woodcut print; usually printed in black on white, the reduction woodcut print; which involves printing many colors in different stages from the same block, and the hand painted woodcut print the color is hand-painted onto the paper and woodcut is printed in black onto the painted image on the paper.

    Monoprints are made by rolling ink onto glass and printing from the glass onto a piece of paper, creating a one-of-a-kind print. I create my monoprints, one color at a time, building up layers of colors to form an image. Each completed image has, on average, been through the press 30 or more times, each time adding a new layer of color.

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