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Debra Klopp

Debra Klopp

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Mixed Media 3-D


    Debra Klopp is a mixed-media artist from Corbin, just a few miles from Cumberland Falls State Park. She is a self-taught artist with a leaning toward the whimsical and sometimes the macabre. Her work focuses on the combination of clay and fiber media in a way that complement each other and stretch the imagination to limits only set by the viewer. In addition to sewing and sculpting, Klopp loves to incorporate drawing and found items into her art.

    Klopp spends hours designing new characters to join her misfit troupe and entertaining her wild and crazy imagination with whimsical and not-so-whimsical ideas of the weird and unmentioned. Each character comes to life with hours of sketching and prototyping to create the perfect expression or pose. Once the character has been designed, the big decision is what materials should embody this new person.

    Klopp draws great pride and joy from her creative endeavors and her ability to bring such pleasure to everyone with whom she has shared her art form. Her work has been sold and exhibited locally, regionally and across the oceans.

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