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Ryan Goff

Ryan Goff

Architectural Artist


      The work created by Ryan Goff and Coydog Studios reflects the unique diversity of the artist’s background and the path which he followed, culminating in the artist and craftsman he is today. Ryan’s education led him to a graduate degree in fine arts with a focus on sculpture, from there he moved on to a five year apprenticeship in fine woodworking. For the past ten years, he has worked with architects, designers, contractors, business owners and home owners on the completion of numerous sculptural pieces as well as fine, custom woodworking.

      Ryan’s sculptural forms pay homage to nature as well as architecture and the “sacred space,” which both contain, and relate, to each other. Within his work can be found a careful attention to aesthetic and the materials he uses. His skill set as a fine woodworker has allowed him to accomplish countless projects, such as furniture, fine cabinetry, doors, architectural work, pipe organs and many other specialty pieces.

      Today, Ryan spends his time in the studio creating one-of-a-kind pieces, limited editions and commissions for his clients. His process consists of the fusing of sculptural forms with the function of fine woodworking in search of individuality and handmade beauty. While woodworking is a constant at Coydog Studios, Ryan’s background, experience and resources allow him to utilize a diverse range of other materials, mediums and processes as well.

      “My passion is to create intriguing beauty in what I make,” says Ryan. “For myself, the process is just as important as the end result; the dance which happens in the studio and the growth occurs between concept and final piece are what keep me coming back each day. I truly enjoy collaborating with my clients, and when I am able to incorporate a bit of their personality into my work, they end up with a piece which they can truly relate to, or connect with, for a lifetime.”

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