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Joanne Price

Joanne Price

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Mixed Media 3-D


    Starpointe Studio was created to organize and focus my art as a business. Handcrafted artist’s books, hand bound journals, boxes and prints draw on explorations and experiences in our living environment.

    We all need ways to express our ideas and custom designed books and boxes provide a clean, efficient and functional presentation, reflecting quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that make each piece personal and professional. With bookbinding design, I create a binding based on how the book will be used, what the content is, the intended market and within financial parameters.

    I started out as a painter and switched to printmaking while in college to take advantage of the expensive equipment and collaborative atmosphere. I fell in love with the collaborative, serial and democratic nature of printmaking and book arts. I favor animal subjects, especially goats, birds, pigs, cats and insects, often exploring the shared experiences between animals, insects and humans through narratives inspired by my imagination and experiences, folk and fairy tales and mythologies. I interpret imagery and narratives through printmaking mediums, especially wood engraving. The bold, but delicate graphic nature of this charmingly mysterious relief printmaking process, coupled with its intimate scale and slow pace feeds my need for quiet concentration and hands-on creative productivity.

    Printmaking is a natural partner to book arts and I embrace the medium's challenges and rewards. The beauty of book arts is its discipline crossing, collaborative, socially engaged and participatory nature. Presenting structure, sequence and imagery together creates something akin to a movie, but with books there is a physical participation that includes sight, touch, smell, and sound. The experience a book offers is a fundamental aspect of our human experience in a physical world.

    All art is original, hand drawn, carved, printed and bound with conscientious attention to quality, a sustainable life and professional practice on this fine Earth.

    Services include custom art commissions and bookbinding, artist’s books, blank journals, original fine art prints, and education in printmaking and bookbinding.

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