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Chris Bonbright

Chris Bonbright

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Wood; Furniture


    As the owner of Strictly Cedar Woodworks, I am proud to offer a complete line of high-quality, Adirondack-style furniture and accessories including chairs, love seats, tables, planters and much more. Every piece I make has both style and function to compliment any home or garden.

    All Strictly Cedar furniture is constructed exclusively from recovered/recycled western red cedar. This wood is naturally rot resistant and is both lightweight and exceptionally durable. Additionally, I use only stainless steel hardware which provides solid construction and eliminates any issues with rust or corrosion, helping to guarantee a truly lasting product.

    The majority of my furniture has the classically sculpted contours uniquely afforded by the Adirondack style. People are often surprised at how comfortable a piece of wood furniture can be—even without cushions. This is by design. The gentle slope of the seating surface combined and the smooth curvature of the back support closely follow the natural contours of the human body.

    Wood, particularly western red cedar, represents natural beauty and a sense of permanence. I want my work to delight several of the senses. It should be pleasing to the eye — the best combinations of grain and colors that complement each other. It should be soft to the touch —no sharp edges. I round over all surfaces and sand them multiple times so that every point of contact with the furniture will be soft and gentle. Finally, the wonderful aroma of freshly cut cedar provides a direct connection to the natural environment and provides a wonderful feeling of serenity. All of these factors combine to create a sense of relaxation for anyone who experiences my furniture.

    Each piece that I build is left natural — with no finish applied. I want consumers to see the natural beauty of the western red cedar and the many tones and colors that it presents. I like to provide options for my customers and I can provide the widest array of options by leaving the wood unfinished.  I will gladly finish the furniture with an oil based stain that includes UV protectant and comes in a variety of colors. I want consumers to see the beauty of the wood in its natural state first and then make the decision on how that piece will best fit into the style of their home. Each piece should be personal — something you not only enjoy living with but are proud to own because it compliments your style.

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