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Darlene Hellard

Darlene Hellard

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Natural/Organic


    I first learned how to make a wreath out of corn shuck from my mother-in-law, who worked for our county extension office at the time. I then began gathering corn shuck out of the neighbor’s corn cribs, bleaching and dying them, and making wreaths to give as Christmas presents. In a short time, people wanted to purchase them from me.

    Between 1989 and 1990, I applied and was accepted into several different craft guilds and associations including the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program (now Kentucky Crafted Program), the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen and the Southern Highland Craft Guild. From there, I expanded from only making wreaths to creating dolls, flowers and angels as well.

    The income from this has helped to put my youngest daughter through college. I honestly don’t think that my husband and I could have accomplished this without the Southern Highland Craft Guild Gift Shops.

    I love handcrafted items, and I am so blessed to have been given this talent from God and thank him for it. My love for God and my family are a lot of my inspiration. I am truly blessed!

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      Corn Shuck Creations

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      2053 Clover Bottom Creek Road McKee, KY 40447

    • 606-965-3689