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Lucia Felty

Lucia Felty

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Natural/Organic


    ​As a child, I remember my grandmother always having homemade lye soap by her kitchen and bathroom sinks. The odd-shaped chunk of soap with the unusual smell fascinated me. I never saw her make soap, as that was not considered an activity safe for children to be around.

    In 2003, I made my first soap with a close friend. We made a basic soap with a little scent. I soon became fascinated with scent and color and began to add an artistic flair to the soaps.

    As my interest in soap making piqued, I began to search the internet for more information. As I researched soap making information, I also found information on making lotion and other body care products. I thought “what fun it would be to learn to make them.” As a registered nurse, I wanted to make products that not only smelled good and looked pretty, but were also beneficial and promoted healthy skin. I studied hundreds of recipes, tried several of them, and finally created my own formulas for each product.

    In 2008, I was juried into the Kentucky Crafted Program. This process helped me think more like a business owner rather than a hobbyist. I am also a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild. This gave me the opportunity to test to become certified as a soapmaker. I then tested further and achieved certification as an Advanced Soapmaker. I have begun teaching soap making classes and am in the process of becoming an Advanced Soapmaker Teacher.

    Having deep roots in Kentucky, I have added several Kentucky-themed products to my line. Some of them are Kentucky Rain Luxury Soap and Lanolin Cream, Bluegrass Sunrise Luxury Soap, Mint Julep Luxury Soap, Foot Cream and Foot Scrub, and Kentucky Bourbon Ball Luxury Soap. I also make soaps in a mold with a running horse emblazoned on them.

    Although my soap isn’t my grandmother’s homemade soap, I still feel a connection with her with every batch I make. Just like my grandmother, I could use store-bought soap, but the idea of pure and natural lets me know I have a product of superior quality.

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