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Diana Smith Thomas

Diana Smith Thomas

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    James Rich and Diana Smith Thomas are collaborative artists who create stunning polymer clay jewelry using caning techniques. Drawing on his background as a pen and ink artist, Rich translates his designs into intricately detailed clay canes. Using her original three-dimensional design techniques, Thomas transforms his canes into one of a kind works of wearable, contemporary art. Each piece they create, even with their different styles of artistic expression, meld together effortlessly as if created by one artist.

    Rich pulls his inspiration from within and creates intuitively. Each of his design drawings is a type of meditation that is never planned. Each new piece excites him as much as the first one. He uses this experience to transform polymer clay into representations of his drawing style.

    Thomas loves to create and has attempted most media. Through exploration, polymer clay has become her true passion. Its spectrum of unending color combinations and adaptability give her the versatility of always being able to create something new. Her inspiration for each piece of jewelry is fueled by the unique polymer canes Rich creates. They allow her to showcase his designs and incorporate her self-created design technique to craft unusual, one-of-a-kind designs.

    Not long after the artists met in October 2012, they began collaborating and quickly discovered they had created something very unique. In the short time they’ve know each other they’ve refined their designs and established their business, BSpoken Designs LLC.

    Rich and Thomas are juried members of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen and exhibit at regional art shows. Their jewelry line is represented in several Kentucky and Tennessee galleries.

    BSpoken Designs LLC welcomes wholesale and special request orders.

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