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Clare Hirn

Clare Hirn

Architectural Artist
  • Mixed Media


    Much of Clare Hirn’s artwork focuses on bringing the beauty of the outside to our inside lives, translating the natural world onto canvas and walls. It is always a challenge to capture a glimpse of our amazing world in two dimensions, and it is why she is attracted to detail as well as overall effect. Clare often paints in transparent layers, allowing the artwork to “breathe,” to enhance the feeling of open space and to instill a sense of beauty and calm.

    Clare enjoys collaborating with clients to create artwork that responds in a unique way to their needs. She has created artwork large and small for a wide variety of public and private spaces, and in a variety of mediums. The work may be created directly on the wall or in the studio and later installed in its designated location.

    The greatest compliment Clare receives from viewers is when they say, “I always see something new each time I look at your painting.”

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