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Stephanie Seal Brown

Stephanie Seal Brown

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Fiber


    I have always had a fascination with finding grace in the ordinary. As a child, I collected stationery, antique eyeglasses, embroidered linen handkerchiefs, classic literature. Over the years, I came to understand that I was yearning for thoughtful design and honest materials -- for things that last.

    At nine, my family moved to an Oklahoma pecan farm. For years, we worked the buildings and land, harvesting and marketing the pecans. In my hard-won free time, I hid in the big trees with a book, or in my room tinkering on a project. This very special childhood experience taught me to value process, quality and ingenuity. From the quiet shady trees in Oklahoma to the mountains near Boulder to the forests and river valleys of Kentucky, I have treasured the stillness and sense of space that comes with living far from the city.

    In this quiet, I learned to weave. Weaving simply hooked me; it is an art form of mathematics and design, creating something both practical and beautiful. I purchased my first Swedish handloom in 1997, later attending the Vavstuga Weaving School in Massachusetts where I gained a deep appreciation for the mastery of the Swedish weaving system. Using a quiet process-driven approach, my goal is to design textiles that marry a tailored aesthetic and laid back livability.

    When I was introduced to New York in 2014, after a life paced by the slow rhythms of nature, I fell in love with the immediacy and vitality of the city. I relish its fabled magnetism: people everywhere connecting and building. So very opposite of working by oneself in a serene setting. My time is now divided between my quiet studio in Kentucky and the intensity, creativity and drive of New York. The perfect balance of tranquility and energy.

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