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Dean Hill

Dean Hill

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    I rely on the dynamics of nature — the continual changes and flow of events — to create my photographic images. Being there in mind and body, I immerse myself fully in the moment, patiently waiting for the light to do its magic.

    I use film and digital capture to focus on the fragile nature of the landscape, and the changes occurring in Appalachian culture. I depend on natural light and timing to produce my art, allowing nature to create the colors, textures and lines. With my color photography, the desired result is to capture what is seen in the existing conditions at that time.

    To further explore the photography as an art form, I am creating a unique black and white body of work where the only rule is that there are no limitations. I manipulate shades, textures, contrast, and touches of color to create unique and limited edition black and white photographs.

    Photographing the essence of my home region of Appalachia has been a long-time goal resulting in two self-published photographic books, “Spirit of Appalachia Kentucky” and “Appalachia – Spirit of the Seasons.” I work full-time out of my Gallery of the Hills located in eastern Kentucky, producing fine art photographs on both photo paper and canvas.

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