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Performing Artist
  • Music: Ensembles and Groups
  • Number of Performers: 4
  • Fee Range: Negotiable
  • Available for Block Booking


​​The jazzy folk quartet of TDH4-Tall Dark and Handsome, from Lexington, is fronted by Bev Futrell and Karen Jones, former members of the all-women-band Reel World String Band. The country inspired songwriting of Bev Futrell grounds this group with its lyrical expression of place (L.B. and the Owl, Ranch Romance), while the musical prowess of Karen Jones on violin, George Neel on mandolin and Nathan Wilson on bass connects us to the rich repertoire of folk and acoustic jazz standards (Autumn Leaves, La Vie En Rose). The band has two CDs: Dust Devils On Our Heels and Rock Me Away. The quartet’s performances span 25 years of festivals, collaborative concerts, and local music venues, all with pure skill and fine musicianship. They are an integral part of the vibrant Kentucky music scene. 

Members Karen Jones and Bev Futrell have traveled throughout the United States, Canada and Italy with Reel World (1977-2015) and have performed at festivals, notably Hudson Clearwater Revival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Winfield Flat Picking Festival and many more. They have appeared at the Lincoln Center as part of a traditional folk series, on NPR with Noah Adams and on a variety of television and radio specials. They toured with the Osborne Brothers and performed in Italy as part of a United States cultural extravaganza that included Lionel Hampton and the Harlem Jazz Players. George Neel studied folk music as an undergraduate at Western Kentucky University; where he documented many of the old-time fiddlers in the western part of the state and played in Winter Wheat Bluegrass band. He embraced Django-style music as he progressed musically, and performed with Bruce Lewis, Patrick McNeese and Nick Stump prior to joining TDH4. Nathan Wilson, a multi-instrumentalist and middle school orchestra teacher, brings a skilled bass jazz sound to the quartet.  He also plays and arranges music for his church and for the contra dance scene in Lexington, often fronting a dance band with his musical daughters. 

TDH4 is available for festivals, pubs, private parties and music venues throughout the region.

Minimal Technical Requirements

Stage size: 10 feet x 10 feet
Lighting: Flood lights with muted colors
Sound: 3 vocal mics, 3-4 direct input lines, 6-7 channel board, 2 stage monitors, 2 main speakers
Other: TDH can provide a sound system
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