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Joey O'Brian

Joey O'Brian

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Wood


    ​I am a self-taught artist raised in the Appalachian mountains and inspired by my father. Art through wood is my passion, my hobby and my therapy.

    Wood has always fascinated me. I love the natural beauty and unique grain that each type of tree produces. I also enjoy discovering natural designs within decaying or spalted wood. I often mix a variety of tree species in individual pieces and let natural artistic shapes within specific trees be my guide. My family and friends tell me that I have a vision for art within wood.

    I am a scavenger when it comes to wood. In addition to finding fallen trees, I also explore old barns and dilapidated shacks discovering rugged treasures that others have discarded.

    Each day I enter a new journey. I always say, “Okay Lord, what are you gonna show me today?” He always shows me something. It may be great or small; but always a gift.

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