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Jason Cohen

Jason Cohen

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Wood; Furniture


    I have been making furniture from reclaimed wood or waste wood for almost 20 years. I get most of my ideas from patterns and shapes in nature and try to be as organic as my mind will let me be. Any scraps or waste from what I make end up as something else. This seems to be my whole philosophy in making furniture. I use what's around me. I don't ever throw wood away. How can I throw money away? That's how I look at it. If we keep up our consumption of our natural resources then there will be nothing left.

    Right now, I need a new shop big enough to hold all the pieces I haven't used yet. I plan on having plenty of material for a very long time. In Kentucky there are plenty of barrels for me to use, so I don't think we will run out—unless people stop drinking bourbon.

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