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Carrie Blackburn

Carrie Blackburn

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    As a nature-loving artist, all of my jewelry collections feature organic shapes and specimen-like details. These pieces have been evolving since 2004 when my interest in jewelry making first began. After an apprenticeship with two accomplished goldsmiths in Virginia, I moved to Kentucky and launched my own line in 2009. I continue to expand on those original designs.

    They are all one-of-a-kind sterling silver pieces created by the lost-wax casting method. The original model is melted during the process and can never be reused. This all-or-nothing technique engenders a lot of creative adaptation; any piece can be reimagined as it is remade, resulting in many of variations on a theme. The textures are incredibly flexible—from nubbly bubbles and satiny coves to glossy domes.

    It is this endless sense of diversity and possibility that I find especially rewarding. I think best and learn so much when I am working through the challenges of a new piece. I get so excited when fresh ideas suddenly spring up, and I love being surprised by that process. It just never gets old!

    I exhibit regionally at art and craft shows and welcome virtual guests or queries at the Silver Smitten website.

    Juried Affiliation
    Kentucky Guild of Artist and Craftsmen

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      Silver Smitten

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      870 Bypass Road
      Winchester, KY 40391

    • 859-771-1195