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Christopher Krauskopf

Christopher Krauskopf

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Furniture; Wood


    The most unusual thing about my business is that I build high-quality furnishings and custom rocking chairs using only hand tools. My inspiration for this approach came from a strong desire to learn the secrets of master furniture makers from centuries ago, and about how to make the most of hand tools. People today associate traditional hand tools with old styles, slow ways and well-established patterns. My aim is to bring the products of humble hand tools into a new and exciting light.

    I firmly believe that hand tools offer the greatest freedom to design and build beautiful furniture, as exemplified by my custom rocking chairs. The inspiration for their shape and function comes from the human body itself, while mastery of hand tools allows for their execution. Each chair is shaped to fit the body by matching the customer’s physical features and measurements. For instance, the seat conforms to natural shape; the back mimics a spine, complete with lateral ribs, and the armrests fit the forearm wonderfully. I believe that this approach, packaged in a beautiful, well thought-out design gives the very best in comfort and fit for many years to come.

    I am a self-taught fine furniture maker in Louisville, Ky. Woodworking is in my blood, so to speak, inspired by my father and grandfather who were both woodworkers. Building furniture seemed like a natural fit when I started my business, Classic Woodworking, in 1997.

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