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Heidi Sanner

Heidi Sanner

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Natural/Organic


    Heidi Sanner left the corporate world to pursue her dream of commerce with a conscience. A fifth generation beekeeper, Sanner has turned an 83-acre organic farm and beekeeping activity into a thriving beeswax candle business, Candle Bee Farm™.

    Beekeeper and craft artist, Sanner creates unique beeswax candles utilizing molding and press techniques developed by her ancestors. Her great-grandfather had a large apiary in Germany and she has resurrected family traditions to create the Candle Bee Farm line of products.

    The candles are 100 percent beeswax, all natural with no additives or artificial ingredients. They naturally possess the rich aroma of honey. Hardeners, scents and other waxes used in commercial candle products are toxic and irritating to the respiratory systems of adults, children and pets. When beeswax burns, it is all consumed and therefore, smokeless, sootless and beeswax candles burn up to five times longer than other waxes or wax combinations.


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