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Judy & Gordon Geagley

Judy & Gordon Geagley

Kentucky Crafted Artist Archive
  • Fiber


    ​Who knew that making soft, huggable animals from recycled materials for our children would turn into a full time business? My husband Gordon and I have been in business for thirty years, designing and making teddy bears and soft baby animals from recycled fabrics. We are very proud to have our work represented in stores and craft galleries across the United States.

    The art of recycling was inspired by our grandmothers, who lived through the Great Depression. We make our adorable stuffed animals from sweaters, wool skirts and suits, fur coats and old quilts. We also create custom teddy bears using heirloom wedding gowns and military uniforms to keep memories of loved ones in the family for generations to come.

    To see a child’s face light up when given one of our creations is very rewarding. When we think about our soft animals being hugged and loved, it makes us happy that we rescued the fabric for this purpose instead of it ending up in a landfill.

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